13 Natural Psoriasis Treatments from Home

Dealing with psoriasis can be an extremely frustrating and stressful experience. Characterized by red and flaky patches on the skin, psoriasis can also be an isolating experience.

Although our skin is most visibly impacted by psoriasis, the root cause of the disorder comes from deep inside our own immune system. Psoriasis starts with our T cells, a type of white blood cell. When these cells mistakenly become active, they can lead to psoriasis symptoms.

Thankfully, researchers have discovered multiple natural psoriasis treatments, many of which can be done right at home.


Being exposed to sunlight can help improve the appearance of the skin for those of us with psoriasis. Exposing your skin for 5 to 10 minutes in mid-day sunlight can help reduce signs of psoriasis. The UVB rays are the main component in natural sunlight helps reduce psoriasis symptoms.

It is vital to cover all healthy parts of your skin with sunscreen a minimum of 15 minutes before sun exposure. If your skin tolerates the sun exposure well, consider adding an additional 30 seconds to the amount of exposure you receive.

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